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Vank Cathedral

Vank Cathedral

  • Author: Arash
  • Date Posted: Jul 20, 2016
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Vank Cathedral means (Church of the Holy Savior) is a church in Jolfa district of Isfahan. This is one of the historical churches of the Armenians in Isfahan and was built in the time of Shah Abbas II. Vank means Monastery in the Armenian language. The Church area is 8731 square meters. At the top of the entrance door, the bell tower is built in three floors and on the second floor there is a large clock with weight of three kilograms. At the right of the entrance there is installed an inscription of marble. Vank Cathedral was built with adobe. Outside wall of the church is covered with brick and inside wall is covered with plaster. The church has two domes. Armenian churches domes are cone-shaped, but Vank Cathedral dome is built like the Safavid Iranian mosques domes. More paintings on the walls of the church has the Holy Bible themes and there are drawn images from birth to ascension of Jesus in them. This church is unique among Armenian churches in terms of gilding.

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