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Tochal Complex

Tochal Complex

Tochal Complex is a sport & resort complex. That’s located 3 km from the Tajrish square in Shemiranat, Tehran region. In this complex, after crossing the asphalt road, at an altitude of 1910 meters, we reach to the first telecabin station.

The complex has three separate ski resort which are mentioned below:

1-Ski Resort seventh station (peak): Started from bottom of the peak (3850 m) – Ended in 3550 m. Has a teleh syyzh and is a teleh sky. Track length is 1200 meters.

2-Ski Resort seventh station (western range): This site is located on the western slopes of the Tochal mountain. Track length is 900 m and there is a Teleh syyzh device used in this track.

3-Ski Resort seventh to fifth station: The track is 5500 meters long and its highest point is 3,750 meters.

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