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Si-o-se- Pol

Si-o-se- Pol

  • Author: Arash
  • Date Posted: Jul 27, 2016
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Si-o-se-pol or ‘Allah-Verdi-Khan’ is a bridge with 33 spans, 295 meters long and 14 meters wide, which is made by ‘Allahverdi Khan’ on the ‘Zayandeh Roud’ river in the city of Isfahan, Simultaneous with the reign of Shah Abbas Safavi. This bridge was the venue for the ‘Ab Pashan’ celebration and also ‘Khaj Shouyan’ ceremony which are the Armenian ceremonies in the Safavid period.

Sykes, know the ‘Si-o-se pol’ one of the best bridges in the world.

Chardin, considers it an architectural masterpiece and wonderful surprise.

Dan Garcia, knows it one of the best architectures of Iran.

Lord Curzon, says: “Man to see what can be called the world’s most magnificent bridges, had to travel to Iran.”

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