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Sepidan County

Sepidan County

Sepidan county is a city in Fars province of Iran. This region’s cool climate in summer and snow-capped mountains in winter, tourist attractions of this area, equestrian resorts and ski resorts and areas such as: Tizab strait, Margoon waterfall and Cheleh Gah is given specific booming to the tourism industry of this area.

Sepidan is a mountainous area and has 12 peaks over 3,000 meters above sea level.
Among the recreational areas of this city are:
Mountains: Ranj mountain, Firouz mountain
Waterfalls: Margoon, Chykan waterfall, Murzyan waterfall
Straits: Tizab strait, Ghoureh Dan strait, Ab Sard strait, Baghdyun strait, Cheleh Gah
Ski resorts: Pooladkaf ski resort, physical education ski resort
Lakes: Firouz lake, Shesh Pir lake

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