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Sareyn is a small town in west of Ardebil city. This city is famous because of many hot springs and is one of the tourist areas in the Ardebil province. In this city there are about 250 hotels and hotel apartments and guest houses. Sarein has dozens of hot mineral springs that originate from Sabalan Mountain.

Some famous hot springs in Sareyn area are in below:

1-Gav-Mish-Goli   2-Sabalan Hydrotherapy Complex   3-Atrak Hydrotherapy   4-El-Suee Hydrotherapy                       5-Yol-Suee Hydrotherapy   6-Darre-Suee Hydrotherapy   7-Jeneral hot spring   8-Qahve-Suee Hydrotherapy   9-Sari-Soo   10-Shafa Hydrotherapy   11-Qare-Soo   12-Dalar hot spring

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