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Negarestan Garden & Museum

Negarestan Garden & Museum

Negarestan Garden

Negarestan Garden was created by order of ‘Fathali Shah Qajar’ for the summer residence. It was built out of Tehran during construction, but when the range was added to the Tehran, this new fences was erected at the inside. Spring house of Negarestan Garden now is the National Art Museum of Iran. This collection includes works of arts from Iranian artists which is located in the north of Parliament Square.

It has two building inside by the name ‘Hall of Delgosha’ and ‘Hall of Ghalamdan’. Rooms with wooden doors and two large halls around the central building is there. The garden has 64 rooms, four emulator and library. Forums are decorated with mirror work, golden work and precious chandeliers and hand signs of artists such as Johnny Mirza, Mirza Baba and Abdullah Khan has drawn on it. Negarestan Garden has regular streets and trees and flowers are planted beautifully. Several large and small mansions are built in the garden, which includes a spring house, pergola, bath slides, inside and more.

Now it has several statues in itself like ‘Kamal-ol-molk’, the Iranian famous painter and the Ferdowsi statue and the Iranian famous poet ‘Malek Al-Shoara Bahar'(Mohammad-Taqi Bahar) and . .


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