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Mount Damavand

Mount Damavand

Mount Damavand is a mountain located in northern Iran, The highest mountain of Iran and also the highest volcanic peak in Asia continent. Damavand is located in central part of the Alborz Mountains in south of the Caspian sea. In terms of country divisions, that’s located in Mazandaran province. This peak is located at 69 kilometers northeast of Tehran, 62 km West of Amol and 26 kilometers north of Damavand city. When weather is sunny and clear, it is visible from the cities of Tehran, Varamin, Qom and the Caspian Sea coasts. Damavand has learned a lot in Iranian mythology and in Persian literature is also frequently mentioned.

The relative height of Damavand is 5610 meters and it is the twelfth highest mountain in the world. Damavand is a volcanic mountain and volcanic activities of that, now is limited to sublimation of sulfur gases. The last volcanic activity of this mountain was about 38500 years ago.

The main climbing routes:

To reach the summit of Mount Damavand, there are different paths that the best knowns are listed below:

1-The North path  2-The northeast path  3-The west path  4-The south path

The easiest route is the south side and the north side is the most difficult.

Three fronts in North, South and Northeast are near the villages and all of them have shelter in the way. Many shelters have been built in Damavand climbing routes.

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