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Mashhad is a big city in northeast of Iran and is center of the Khorasan state. It was the capital of Iran in Afsharid dynasty. Mashhad, is Iran’s second largest city after Tehran. This city because of the shrine of Imam Reza, the eighth Imam of Shia, annually receives more than 30 million pilgrims from inside and outside of the Iran. This city has an international airport, a railway station and three terminals. Mashhad economy relies on religious tourism which is focused on the shrine of Imam Reza.

Iran’s most important religious site is Imam Reza’s shrine which includes several museums are set in shrine complex. This collection in term of area is the largest mosque in the world.

About Imam Reza:

Ali Ibn Musa Al Reza, known as Reza is the eighth imam for Shia after his father Imam Musa Kazim. Ali Ibn Musa was born in Medina and died in Khorasan. Reza was living in a during that Abbasid caliphs were facing many problems including the multiple uprisings of Shias. Mamun, to overcome the riots, decided to involved Reza in the state. He realized his mistake later and to compensate for that wrong, decided to poison him and fed him from his path. Reza was buried in Khorasan. His tomb is annually visited by millions of Shia Muslims.

Historic attractions:

Some of the historical attractions of Mashhad include: 1-Nadir Shah mausoleum  2-Ferdosi’s tomb  3-Adobe dome  4-Harunyeh dome  5-Abasgholi Khan school


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