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Hafez Tomb

Hafez Tomb

  • Author: Arash
  • Date Posted: Jul 19, 2016
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Hafez Tomb

Hafez Tomb or ‘Hafezia’ set in the north of Shiraz city and the south of ‘Gate of  Quran‘. This is due to contain the tomb of Hafez in his collection, famous in this name.

About 65 years after the death of Hafez, ‘Shams Al-Din Mohammad Yaghmae’, Minister of ‘Mirza A. Gurkani’, The Fars ruler, for the first time, founded a domed edifice on Hafez’s tomb and in front of this building, constructed a large pool.

This Building, during the reign of ‘Shah Abbas Safavi’ and ‘Nader Shah Afshar’ was repaired and rebuilt. ‘Karim Khan Zand’ built a court on the tomb of Hafez, in his buildings style and placed a marble stone on its grave. Two sonnets of Hafez is written on this stone in Nasta’liq script.

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