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National Garden Of Tehran

National Garden Of Tehran

  • Author: Cyrus
  • Date Posted: Jun 2, 2016
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Entrance of National Garden of Tehran.

National Garden is the remaining of structures from the Qajar dynasty which was repaired by ‘Jafar khan-e Kashani. In that time Tehran was capital. It was symbol of Tehran before the Azadi tower, in old days.

The architecture of this monument is a combination of Iranian and European designs by that time.

It was the entrance of military square in old days but now that’s the entrance of Iran national library and museum and the remaining of old structures. Portal has a great crossing between two pillars of the parties. The exterior includes tiling designs with two lions, leopard, lion and sun, guns and cannonballs that can be seen. All three doors have iron gates which was built by ‘Mohammad Ali Kermani’ in the Tehran armory.


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