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Contemporary Arts Museum

Contemporary Arts Museum

  • Author: Arash
  • Date Posted: May 26, 2016
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Contemporary Arts Museum of Tehran is the largest art museum in Iran. This museum is one of the most prominent museums in Tehran. This museum, outside of Iran is known as «TMoCA» (from the «Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art»). It has collections of more than 3000 items that include 19th and 20th century’s world-class, European and American paintings, drawings and sculptures. It has one of the greatest collections of Iranian modern and contemporary arts.

The museum was opened by Queen Farah Pahlavi just two years before the 1979 Iran’s Revolution. The museum building was designed by ‘Kamran Diba’ and is inspired by the Iranian wind towers. In 1970 decade, high oil revenues allow Iran to buy art works which were recognized internationally. At this time, purchases of Pahlavi and the need of Iranian modern artists to a space to present their works, leading to the formation of this idea to build the Tehran’s Museum of Contemporary Arts. That include the most valuable collections of modern western arts which are outside of America and Europe.

Sculptures by artists such as Giacometti, Ernst, Moore and Magritte can be found in the museum’s gardens.

It is approximately £2.5 million worth of artworks which has shown at this museum.

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