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Behistun Inscription

Behistun Inscription

Behistun Inscription

Behistun inscription is one of the world’s largest inscriptions, the first known text of Persia and of the Achaemenid dynasty. This inscription is in Bisotun in Kermanshah Province and is located on the Bisotun hillside. Behistun is one of the world’s most famous and important historical documents. It’s one of the Iran registered on UNESCO World Heritage monuments.

Works of different periods on Behistun Mount:

1-The Goudarz inscription: G. body is a work that Goudarz of Ashkanian kings left from him on this mount.

2-Statue of Hercules: Hercules statue was built during the Seleucid era.

3-Sheikh Ali Khan Zanganeh inscription

4-Farhad Tarash: That’s belong to the Sassanid era.


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