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Baharestan Palace

Baharestan Palace

  • Author: Arash
  • Date Posted: Jun 4, 2016
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Baharestan Palace is the Iranian parliament historic building that opened in 1906. 25 years After the Islamic revolution, on 2004 the parliament became unicameral and moved to a new building in Baharestan.

Baharestan Garden is one of the historical places In Tehran and has important mansions such as: Sepah-Salar mosque and school, Baharestan mansion, Azizye mansion and . . .  .

‘Mirza Hossein Khan Sepah-Salar’ in 1910 decided to build big mansions in Baharestan site, because he wanted to change the appearance of the city. Most notably were Baharestan mansion or palace.

Sepahsalaar Mosque and School

That’s the first and the biggest mosque in Tehran. That’s the glorious and the biggest religious building after ‘Chaharbagh’ of Isfahan in Iran. It’s design is a blend of Persian architecture and Istanbul mosques.

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