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Azadi Tower

Azadi Tower

One Of The Symbols Of Tehran

The Azadi Tower was completed in 1971 and in that time the tower also named as Shahyad Tower, means ‘the memorial of the king’.

The architect of the tower was ‘Hossein Amanat’. He won the best design idea in competition for Azadi Tower design.

The tower is a part of the Azadi Cultural Complex, located in Tehran’s Azadi Square in an area of about 50,000 m².

There are several fountains around the base of the tower and a museum in underground. The architecture of the tower is a combination of pre-Islam and past-Islam architecture era.

The height of the tower itself is 45 meter (148 ft) and the cost of building this complex in 1971 was 6 million dollar.

Right now Azadi complex has a nationality & cultural museum and amphitheater. Here, for the first time, Iranian government revealed The Cyrus Charter of Human Rights.

3D view of The Azadi Tower

3D view

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