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Alamut Castle

Alamut Castle

  • Author: Arash
  • Date Posted: Jul 25, 2016
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Alamut Castle is one of the unique historical castles in Iran and in north of Qazvin. Alamut fortress is located on top of a cliff with a height of 2163 meters above sea level. Around the castle from all four sides, there is promontory and the only entrance to the castle is at the northeastern end of it.

Hassan Sabbah occupied this castle in the year 486 AH. This castle is known for the military and security operations, which have down there by Hassan Sabbah. Hassan Sabbah was one of the Iranians who was resurrected in the Seljuk period. His religion and his followers were ‘Shia Ismaili’, a branch of Shia that believes to seven Imam. The center of their power was in Egypt and Fatimid caliphs in Egypt had announced that as the official religion of this country. Hassan Sabbah, is the founder of the Isma’ilism in Iran.

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