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Abyaneh village is in Natanz city functions which is located in Isfahan province. This village is located on 40 km northwest of Natanz and on the slopes of Karkas mountain and is one of the tallest residential areas in Iran. It is one of the famous villages of Iran. There is not known exactly a document to dating back this village, but that is estimated to have five hundred years of history and that’s the oldest human settlements on the fringe of Iran Desert. There are monuments which are related to the Sasanian, Seljuk, Safavid and Qajar period. Abyane houses completely built on the slopes of a steep mountain. At the first glance, it seems a multi-storey rural.

Accommodation in Abyaneh:

Abyaneh has a hotel called Hotel Abyaneh. In the lower part of the village, there is a resort called ‘Vyuna’. Also near the temple in the middle there is a traditional residence called ‘Harpak’.

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